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Eating Slovenia: Gostišče 902, Črnevc

You can't help but notice that the banquettes are turquoise and the bar is lined with chrome. In the US this would be considered and ironic hipster throwback to a diner of the 1980s. Here it is just a throwback to what was once I am sure the height of modern sophistication and which now retains a faded retro charm. This Inn and Restaurant which is located as you might have guessed 902 m above sea level is brilliantly located in a mountain pass just beside one of the entrances to Velika Planina. It is a great point of departure for a day hike or a place to stay while exploring this part of the Alps. The food is traditional Slovenian fare, think beef noodle and mushroom soups, potatoes and cutlets with see a sauces, but with a retro element on the plates as well. For instance one of my meals there featured Hawaiian Style Chicken and a cheese and cream sauce with a slice of pineapple covered by a pair of cherry tomatoes a nice amount of melted cheese. That sort of thing has not been seen on American menus since 1986 but it still tastes pretty good. Run by a kind family this is a great place and that is a favorite of locals particularly those having large and jubilant parties for 50th birthdays featuing accordion music and dancing. A great cultural experience for foreigners.


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