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Noah Charney

Hello and zivijo! I'm a professor of art history specializing in art crime and an internationally best-selling author. An American, I've lived since 2002 in Europe, most recently in Slovenia, my adopted homeland and what I'm delighted to consider "the world's best country." I've sung its praises in all manner of media, from TV to The Guardian to The Washington Post. I've also recently put out a book, Slovenology: Living and Traveling in the World's Best Country, which is a best-seller in Slovenia, in both Slovene and English editions--part memoir, part travelogue, part essay collection, part guidebook to this country I love. 

Slovenology has expanded into various media: It is now a podcast, it is a series of interviews I host (in Slovene) with Slovenian people of interest, it is a book and there's talk of making it a TV series. Welcome to all things enthusiastic about Slovenia!


For more about me (and my other, non-Slovenia-related works, like my best-selling books and such), please visit  

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