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Buy Slovenology the Book

You're interested in buying the book? Brilliant. Slovenology is part travelogue, part memoir, part essay collection of life and travels in what I honestly believe is the world's best country. It's been a big best-seller in Slovenia, in both English and Slovenian editions, and will shortly come out in German. It's a great handbook to take with you to Slovenia, as a souvenir on your return, or simply if you're curious about a wonderful small country that punches far above its class.

That said, it's a bit fiddly to buy, unless you read Slovene or are in Slovenia. The eBook is available from and, so that's easy. But print copies are only sold in Slovenia at the moment, though they can be shipped anywhere in the world (you just have to navigate a Slovene-language website. The easiest way forward, if you'd like a print copy, is to email me at, and I'll try to hook you up. You can also request a signed copy with an optional dedication!


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