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Slovenology Designer & Bespoke Tours

I love when people write to me with enthusiasm about visiting Slovenia, particularly if something I wrote prompted said enthusiasm. My recent articles in the travel sections of The Guardian and The Washington Post led to a flurry of contacts, many of which had the same questions: What unusual things should I do or see when visiting Slovenia, and do I lead any tours of such unusual things (like, for instance, a single day of skiing in the Alps, lunching in Ljubljana, and swimming in the Adriatic)? The answer is...occasionally and sure! I've done this on a few occasions and it's always been great fun, and I'm totally up for doing so more. I've got a contact list of brilliant local experts to guide guests and will happily join in myself. The best option is to just send me an email via the Contact form on this site if you're interested, and I'll be delighted to be in touch. I'm working on some recommended itineraries (many of which you'll already find in my book, Slovenology), and can always prepare bespoke programs based precisely on your interests. So you're welcome to give me a shout if you're up for an insider Slovenophile's eye view of this wonderful little country of ours!


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