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Home and Abroad Art Exhibit

Roman Uranjek and Hana Ožbolt have curated an exhibit, both online and with works hanging in windows around Ljubljana, that is so full of new works that I love that I need to mention it here. Home and Abroad is the sort of thematic exhibit that an art academy professor might assign. The curators provided the participating artists with their choice among a selection of 19th century prints of famous artworks. The assignment was to intervene into the print or integrate it into a new work. I love the confines given and seeing what a variety of artists came up with.

My favorite is Meta Grgurevic's work, about which I could write an essay. But I like many of these. Its a good survey of contemporary artists around these parts and the works are all for sale--for surprisingly reasonable prices the sort that normal people like me could afford, and so you can support the Arts and the artist by buying one if you like.


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