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Slovenian Easter

Easter Sunday in Slovenia has a flurry of traditions associated with it that were new to me but which I've happily adopted. While I can't bring myself to get up for the 5am mass, I'm totally down with the breakfast that comes afterwards (or instead of, as in our case).

The day before we bake potica as a family. Potica is the national dessert, a bready cake rolled with a sweet walnut filling and usually baked in a special bundt pan called a potičnica. It is slow and laborious to make, so its best done on a special occasion. The Easter breakfast spread is potica, ham, horseradish and hardboiled eggs. The eggs are decorated in myriad ways, for instance boiling in red wine stains them purple and gives them a crystal surface. Boiling in red onion skin is another option, or using rubber bands to fix grass or leaves to the eggs so the stain effect leaves the design of the grass or leaves on the egg shell.

There is a religious symbolism to these eats (potica is round like the crown of thorns), but I'm in it for the victuals not the iconography. Its a fun game to have egg battles, tapping the tips and undersides against your opponent to drr which egg will crack first.

Whatever your tradition have a wonderful holiday!


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