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Alpine Hunting Lodge Lunch at Pri Planinskem Orlu

This Gostilna is a classic with solid food and great atmosphere. The raw wood walls are decked with taxidermy heads and horns (cool looking, not creepy Psycho style), and Sunday lunch is packed with families ad birthday parties. In my experience, the best bets to order are the set lunch menus--very well priced, soup and a huge main with sides plus dessert. They also occasionally have more exotic fare, such as bear or chamois, as you'll see in the photos, but in my various meals there these were fine but not as stro g as the stalwart regulars like goulash, pork roast, and fried chicken. You can also try Okusi Kamnik historical local dishes and these are excellent, like Rajželjc, a stuffing with sweetbreads. Loads of atmosphere.


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