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JB's New Cookbook Set for Release

Janez Bratovz, aka JB, the godfather of Slovenian fine dining and a regular among the world's top 100 chefs, will publish his second cookbook before the new year. I was honoured to write the text for the book, which has an unusual format. It is divided into chapters that each feature a different ingredient, many indigenous to Slovenia. JB chose who he considers the best producer of each ingredient and we paid them a visit, crisscrossing Slovenia. I wrote profiles of the producer, the culture and history of the ingredient, and JB prepared special recipes featuring each ingredient. Food photography was handled by Manca Jevscek, photos of our travels and portraits of the producers were taken by Matjaz Tancic and super designer Zare Karin handled the layout, making for a super group team effort. The much-awaited cookbook will be available for a special advance price, and can be purchased from JB Restaurant or by contacting their website (

And this is what I just ate while meeting with JB...

Srečno novo leto in dober tek!


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